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~ Pepper Sauce, Mango Kuchela, Tamarind Kuchela & Holiday Delights ~

About Erica's Journey

Inspired by Trinidad's Culinary Culture, Erica's products are tantalizing with Caribbean flavors. Products are created using fresh, all natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors. 

Erica Augustine developed the skill and passion of making Caribbean Condiments in Trinidad and Tobago.  Erica's Hot Sauce and Kuchela's were established in 2001 and sold by groceries in Trinidad. Customers love the thickness, flavor and that Erica's products goes well with all dishes. 

In July 2018, Erica's Authentic Caribbean Foods re-established in Toronto, Canada with her three signature products; Hot Pepper Sauce, Mango Kuchela and Tamarind Kuchela. Other products sold seasonally are Christmas Black Cakes, Punch-A-Creme, Pastelles and Paime. 

Try Erica's Premium Caribbean Condiments with any meal to experience truly authentic flavors that satisfies!

Erica's Authentic Pepper Sauce Production

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